The Low Bones

The Low Bones travel the back roads of America, through ghost towns in the deepest part of the west or the majestic river valleys of the south, telling the tales of those that color and give character to these parts of forgotten states.

"The distinctive sound of Portland's Low Bones sets them apart from the packed roots-rock crowd. Instrumentally tight and inspired."
Willamette Week

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Waiting For The Dawn, 2014

Comprised of ten tracks, Waiting for the Dawn travels from dusty RobertEarl Keen-minded road songs to thrashing guitars that conjure up Chuck Prophet to enough classic rock to bring Tom Petty into the fray. Read more

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Come Back Alone, 2010

The first track from The Low Bones’ Come Back Alone, bolts out of the barn with guitars and drums blazing away, like gunfighters at the OK Corral. “This is what roots-rock is all about!” Read more

A Song For Santiago

The Low Bones at the Ponderosa Lounge